Henry’s last campsite


Pic: Alex Brazier

So good evening everybody, this is Lou Rudd, providing the update on day 58 of the expedition. Another very cold day for the team today. Temperatures we recorded it this morning when we first headed off at -42 degrees. Strong wind as well throughout the day. So we’re experiencing really difficult conditions with the temperatures. We did a full day and achieved a distance of 17.5 nautical miles, which we’re pleased with considering the conditions. There’s still no sign of the mountains to our front yet, we were hoping to catch a glimpse. We’ve got them off to our flank, but nothing directly in front of us yet.
As it stands, we’re probably now two days, if we have good progress in the next couple of days, two days away from reaching the top of the Shackleton Glacier, which will be our gateway down off the Polar plateau and onto the Ross Ice Shelf, so hopefully making great progress.
Today was a very poignant and significant day for us as a team. Around about midday, we passed Henry Worsley’s final campsite, which is at South 82 degrees, 22 minutes. Pretty much a year ago now, Henry reached this point alone. Fairly exhausted, having lost a significant amount of body weight. He was also harbouring a serious medical condition which he was completely unaware of. He camped at this point for around four days, I guess hoping that he would recover and gain the strength to carry on and complete the journey. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and after a while he realised that there was something seriously wrong. He called for pick up and very quickly ALE were in with a plane, recovered him, got him back to hospital in Chile, but unfortunately and very tragically, he died two days later. He was attempting a solo, unsupported traverse of Antarctica.
So a really tragic event. He was in our thoughts a lot today as we went past that point, where he made. So we have now reached that point as a team, and we are able – and will – carry on from this point onwards, and Henry’s spirit will march with us. I know for sure how much it would have meant to him to have reached the Shackleton Glacier and made that descent. And, as I say, he was unable to do it. We got to the same point, and we will [make that descent], and we will be doing it for Henry. So to finish off; We are the pilgrims master, and we shall go always, a little further. Onwards

4 thoughts on “Henry’s last campsite

  1. Joanna Worsley

    Thank you dearest Lou for finishing Henry’s journey. It’s unbelievably painful following you all, but we are all with you here in snowy london and Henry is with you all too.

  2. Moore

    Very poignant indeed! And Worsley family following every step of the way :(

    Are the team planning a commemoration of some sort for Henry as mentioned in previous blogs?

  3. Mark Langridge

    Well spoken Lou, sadly tragedy struck last year for our friend Henry, and we will never forget that.Vic Kev and myself remembering 5 years ago today at the pole, and being greeted there by Henry who had arrived a week before with yourself.Best Whisky we ever tasted! Best wishes Mark, Kev and Vic.

  4. Lucy

    That’s very sad I think that you are doing great though you are amazing 😉 and freezing hope your all well and feeling good! Will keep reading all your blogs everyday


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