Waiting out the storm

Daily pic Jan 16

Hallo everybody, this is Jamie calling in on day 62 of the SPEAR17 expedition. Today has been a day of being cooped up in the tents really. From sticking our heads out of the tents this morning, there was not really much chance of making any progress today. The winds are howling around outside, and the chill factors of -57, spindrift and snow flowing throughout the air. If we were really desperate and wanted to, we’d just get our gear on and push ourselves through this. But we’ve really hit an Antarctic storm, and the best decision has been to take a day laid up, rest up, and learn a bit of patience.

So after an exciting and adventurous day yesterday, where we climbed up the Roberts Massif, and paid tribute to Henry Worsley, we stayed put at the base of the Roberts Massif, and made camp here for the day. So, all of us have got together in one tent and had a game of cards, which lasted a good hour and a half, two hours. A game called Janet, which Alex came up with. Well, he remembered it, he’s not the inventor of all card games. So we’re all together in the tent, and it’s been quite nice to shelter from the environment outside. Once we came off the plateau two days ago and reached the Roberts Massif, the big instinct inside me was to just get on with it, get down the glacier, and complete this expedition. But it’s just things have been, we’ve been held up by the weather, and just walking between the tents really you feel the cold bite into you instantly. And even inside the tents, they’re colder then they normally are. Everyone’s got their mid-layer clothing on to keep them warm inside the tents. Where normally you’re just in your base layers.

We’ve just eaten a bit of food, chill, rest up and then fingers crossed for tomorrow that we can get going. So in the position we are at, there’s a little ridge line of snow in front of us which beyond it, with all hope, is the start of the Glacier. Once we crest that, we’ll be looking down the Glacier and with good visibility, hopefully we’ll just be able to see the extent of what we have to do in front of us, give or take some rise or falls in the snow.

Otherwise, everyone’s in pretty good shape and condition. No ones lost any digits to the cold, everyone’s resting up nicely, and I don’t think there’s an awful lot for me to say about today really, because there’s not been a awful lot happening otherwise. So I will just say a quick hallo to all my friends and family back home. Looking forward to seeing you sometime in the near future.

That’s us and hopefully we’ll call in tomorrow with some news that we’ve moved camp, that we’ve moved on a bit and the weather’s eased a bit. So wait out for that.

5 thoughts on “Waiting out the storm

  1. Lucy

    I think you guys are EPIC too you are soooo brave and I hope you enjoyed your day of sitting in the tent all day!
    You can RELAX for once with out pulling a pulk behind you , how heavy are the pulks?? I hope you have a great time tomorrow!!! ONWARDS!!

  2. jac

    Hallo Jamie, just finished 2 books on Antarctica felicity Aston and Gavin Francis. Amazing. And that’s where you are … Even more amazing…..
    Love Jac


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