Do you need a website for your expedition?

If you like this website and need your own expedition website then get in touch.
I can create stunning websites that are engaging, easy to use and affordable.

Please email me to discuss your requirements.

Domain names & Hosting

I can assist and advise with registering domains and hosting your website. This website happens to be hosted on Microsoft Azure - which is Microsoft's cloud platform. It is very reliable, well supported, scalable and affordable.

Beautiful Design

I can work from a design you have in mind, based on a sketch or another website you like. Alternatively I can offer suggestions and advice to suit your particular requirements.

Logo Design & Branding

I can create a logo for your expedition. Again, we can start with any ideas or preferences you may have. If you're not sure I can create a selection of designs to choose from and refine to your liking. Naturally the website branding and colours would be consistent with your new expedition logo.

Mapping and Live Tracking

I can work with GPS trackers to display a live feed on your website. I can create a custom mapping solution on your website to meet your particular requirements.

Content Management

If you need to ability to manage your own content then I can also help with this. I can create a website using WordPress or Umbraco that will allow you to publish and edit your own content. These can be automatically posted to your Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Integration with Social Media

This goes without saying. I can help you build your brand and online presence.

Easy to use

Having a nice looking website is not enough. It has to be easy to use and navigate to allow visitors to discover all your content quickly and easily.

Mobile/Tablet Friendly

More and more website traffic is through mobile devices these days. Any website I create will be made to be mobile/tablet friendly.

Integration with Fundraising websites

If you are raising money through a thirdy party such as JustGiving I can link donations to your website so visitors can see your fundraising progress and see who has donated.

Integrated Blogs & Newsletters

I can create a newsletter for visitors to subscribe to. I can also create content managed blog for you (and other designated users) to add news updates, photos and videos.

Please email me to discuss your requirements.